I have a madly busy day today, but I am taking a break anyway to do a short post.

As many of you know, I generally get a new little Christmas tree for my mantel every year. It’s getting hard as I have so many—I may not have even gotten one last year. I came across the little guy in the top picture online somewhere though and he seemed meant for the mantel. It’s sitting next to the carved wooden eagle that was over the front door at our house in Lisle when I was growing up. Owen came across it somewhere…I think it was on a shelf in our bedroom. Who knows….Owen seems to know where everything is…he’s much like my sister Judi in many ways…he sometimes just spirits things away or secretly gives them back. You can innocently walk into your bedroom and find a new lamp or photo or whatever else he tired of sitting on your dresser. He said if we weren’t going to put it up he was going to take it. I said no, so he’s sitting on our mantel right now—the eagle, not Owen. I will have to give him a permanent spot once we get the trees out. I thought the tree and the eagle looked pretty great together for now.

Ernie got Hattie to eat this morning so I was very happy. Bob continues to be, well, Bob.

Owen’s not feeling well. Frustratingly enough, Convenient Care told him if he didn’t feel better in a few days to go to the ER. This isn’t the first time we’ve been told there’s nothing in between Convenient Care and ER. It doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, in honor of my worries about Owen, I am posting a screenshot of my phone’s lock screen. I don’t even have it on there because of Aaron Lee Tasjan, although I adore him, and look how cute that tipped head and smile is….it’s Owen’s face in the picture that I love. He looks so alive and confident and happy. I love that. I want that for him all the time. It’s like the picture of Leo at the Pendulum show.

My sweet peas.