I’m feeling relatively quiet these days. I’m busy and frustrated with life and the combination leaves me feeling dull and unhappy. Yesterday, in the positive column were cleans sheets on our bed and the replacement of the light above the stove. And a good, albeit simple, dinner. Triple S smoked pork chops seared in a skillet and a side of kohlrabi-apple slaw. The slaw was really good…just lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper on it.

Some things that I can add to the positive column include beloved friends who help out more than they should. ❤️

Friday Ernie gets the stent put in his kidney. I hope he gets the early slot. We find out tomorrow, I guess. He’s had his pre op physical and COVID test so he’s all ready for surgery. We’re supposed to hear from radiology this week about getting that started but nothing yet.

I’m just tired of it all.

Onward. Onward, because there’s no other way to go.