I slept late but still woke up tired. I think it’s my brain not my body. Went to Fries and Peanuts last night and ran into a bunch of good friends before sitting down for dinner with Ann and Bob. The noise and the crowd was almost too much for me. It felt good to see some folks and get to spend time with Ann and Bob though, always good for our spirits.

The good news is that we had a 3:40 pm video consult yesterday afternoon with our oncologist and it looks like Ernie WILL be able to get radiation for the tumor. This is a big relief. We were worried he wouldn’t be able to as he’s had radiation numerous times and there’s a limit to that kind of thing. The good thing is that we won’t have to change his chemo regimen, which would have been hard. We want each treatment he gets to last as long as possible.

I think that’s why I was so exhausted last night. Relief. I, of course, was anxious all day waiting for the meeting. Today, I think it’s just letdown from a stressful couple of weeks. My eyes feel heavy even though I had plenty of sleep.

Ernie’s at the store picking up a couple of things. I’m going to make some kind of vegetable curry in a bit and I told him that I needed coconut milk (for the curry) and some wine (so I can have a glass while I cook). While I wait for him, Hattie is curled up tight on my lap.

Ernie also has canned tuna and salmon on his shopping list. Hattie has turned her nose up at all the various cat foods with which we have tried to tempt her. Straight tuna or salmon for the girl these days. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Every time I think we’ve figured out how to keep Hattie comfortable something changes. The plan is miralax everyday in her food (we’ve (mmm…I mean Ernie) increased it until it seems right for her). Then we give her appetite stimulant so she’ll keep eating. But if she goes off eating just for a day or two we’re right back to her constipated misery, during which she refuses to eat…making the whole thing a vicious circle.

Last weekend I was so frustrated that nothing was working. I googled how to extract constipated feces from a cat and thought I’d have a go at it. Ernie spread a towel down and helped hold her. Man, I could not do a thing. The poor thing was like a rock. The articles had said to insert your little finger and try to break it up. There was NOWHERE for my little finger to go. I gave up and we figured we’d have to take her to the vet. Then, the next day that brave little cat pooped out that bowling ball. It was in the living room but I didn’t care. I was SO happy for her. All I could think of was the relief when Leo’s big old head popped out of me. Nothing like it. Of course that also caused one of her anal glands to burst again. Sigh.

Hattie immediately perked up after that and started eating. She curls up on my lap no matter where I am. That cat is tough. She’s bedraggled and scruffy and knotted but she just keeps going. The scruffier she gets the more I love her. Ernie says it’s because that’s how I am with buildings.

In other cat news, Rascal seems to be doing great living with Owen, Trinity and Daisy. Owen said Rascal loves Daisy and rub his head on her. Daisy accepts it as her due I believe. Owen and Trinity send me pics as they are very kind. I miss them but glad they like their new home.


One thought on “Radiation and the State of the Cats

  1. First blog post I ever read on catstipation, but you handled it well. Congratulations to you, and esp to Hattie. Glad that Ernie can continue with radiation and glad that Rascal and Daisy are an item.