Sweet baby of mine

My mother loved red white and blue. She knew how to rock a red blazer and a navy pencil skirt (I DID not get her great legs or ankles unfortunately). She also loved a crisp white shirt (I did inherit this gene but I’m not so great at the crisp part). She had a couple of tiny little strawberry pins that she would sometimes put on the collar of said white shirt. It was very Polly Voelkl. Whenever I see Owen wearing one of her little strawberry pins…well, hell, it just melts my heart. My mother would be delighted.

Friday morning I sent Ernie off to an estate sale. He left early (I attempted to set an alarm but failed and woke up at 9:46…whoops). Unfortunately the piece we were interested in was gone (sigh) but he did pick up two little flint compotes and one of them is the little brother of a big compote we own. Owen ran to get the big guy to compare. I love these boys. Diamond Thumbprint…1850’s-60’s…made at a number of different factories. I’m thinking Thanksgiving’s cranberry sauce is going in the little brother.

He also found some old VW books, which cost more than the compotes. Owen was delighted.

I tried to make my coconut curried vegetable rice but the problem with winging it is that you can’t always recreate it. Oh well. Still pretty good….added broccoli, green beans and spinach to the rice/spice/pepper mixture. I didn’t add enough curry powder and red pepper flakes…AND I was out of cumin and coriander. Next time. Next time.

I still don’t like the hole left in my yard by the loss of our big tree but it does allow the gold of that maple across the way to set off the blue of my evergreen.