A lazy Sunday.

NO work this weekend!

I might read another trashy novel today.

Maybe tonight we’ll actually cook our salmon for dinner instead of just eating peanuts while we watch YouTube videos.

I’m tempted to go buy a Christmas tree because I’m worried about shortages of the kind I like (balsams) but don’t know if I have the oomph.

I’m trying to get inspired by Thanksgiving but it’s hard this year for some reason. I’m trying though—turkey from Triple S is defrosting, turkey stock is simmering in my crockpot. I wrote up a menu and shopping list. It will be simple. Just family this year. I’m not sure I’m even going to pull out my mother’s china and silverware. We shall see.

Booster shot tomorrow, work, then radiation consult on Tuesday for Ernie. Wednesday we make meat pie and I will yet again weep over gluten-free piecrusts. I don’t think Owen even wants to join us for our annual viewing of Trains Plains and Automobiles. Things change. Or then again, maybe they don’t. “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose,” is the only French quote I’ve ever been able to whip out quickly, but it’s a good one.

Yes, I made poor Ernie go to the farmers’ market by himself Saturday morning. I was supposed to go with him, but damn that bed felt good. Thanks to Farmer Greg, as always, for the beautiful vegetables.

The other night we poked around in the freezer to see what we could pull out for dinner and found a pork tenderloin. I’m not always the most enthusiastic about pork tenderloin. It’s like boneless skinless chicken breast–it can be good but can dry out and get blah pretty easily. I still need to do a Penzey’s order for more spices but I used what I had and rolled the tenderloin in fennel seeds and cumin before searing it in a pan and then popping it in the oven. I roasted some acorn squash slices in the oven as well. After I took the tenderloin out (yes, it’s pink, but don’t worry, it was up to temp) of the pan I quickly sauteed some cut-up lacinato kale in the pan. We threw everything on the plate but the BEST part of it was a little vinaigrette that we put over everything. This is why I should sometimes measure because it was SO good and who the hell knows if I’ll be able to do it again. It was simple: just honey, sherry vinegar, olive oil, salt, a dash of cumin and a dash of hot sauce. I’m thinking of trying to replicate it for Thanksgiving and use over vegetables. It made the dinner for me.

Ernie found the last Thanksgiving cooking magazine for me. They make me so happy.

Every night I take a picture of my lights. It feels so good to have them to talk to again. If you walk by our house late at night and hear a faint voice calling out, “I love you guys!” it might be me.

And here, for no good reason other than I love him so much, is a picture of Aaron Lee Tasjan that either Owen or Trinity took the other night. I’m still working on their couple name. Trowen? Owenity?

Not sure what the rest of the day holds, but onward.