Yesterday was on of those days when you just can’t win for losing. Nothing seemed to go right. When Leo came home for lunch and asked me how I was, I nattered on about being frustrated with WordPress, frustrated with Mailchimp, frustrated with various other programs. He looked at me sympathetically with those big brown eyes. I did give in and admit that I realized the common denominator was me. He gave me a little smile. My sweet pea.

Ernie got his kidney surgery scheduled for–get this–the day before Thanksgiving. Gee, thanks.

I’d just been pondering whether I wanted to go back to the bigger Thanksgivings we used to have. Given this, I think we will stick to just us and low key.

I was feeling stressed and teary and frustrated but then I read my friend Phyllis’ comment on my previous post about losing my cooking abilities and organization of everything in our house. She said, “Cut yourself some slack.” And you know, I kinda sighed with relief when I read that and thought, “she’s right.” Sometimes it is just too much and you have to cut yourself some slack. Sometimes I get too wound up and forget to do that, so thank you, Phylllis.

Ernie took me out for a drink at Huber’s. We came home and I took a long, hot shower while he went and picked up Owen and Trinity from the train station. I did the least work possible cooking dinner. Plopped some chicken thighs into a roasting pan with salt and pepper and set the oven to 475 and let them go about 40 minutes. Probably a bit too long but they get the tiniest bit crunch on the bottom which I like. Cut up a big old sweet potato and put it on to boil so I could mash it. When Ernie was home and it was time to eat I looked at the broccoli I was supposed to steam and thought, “eh,” and sliced a tomato instead. Simple, simple food but comforting and sometimes that’s what we all need. Just a little comfort.

Another MRI for Ernie this afternoon.


Bad lighting….we need to buy lightbulbs for our kitchen