Why don’t I eat kohlrabi more often?

It’s so damn good. And these were just grocery store kohlrabi, no fancy farmers’ market stuff. On Sunday we had planned to have a vegetable curry as we’re trying to cut back on so many meat-based meals. We were weak though and ended up ordering from Peking Garden. The next day I swore we would make the damn curry. I cut up vegetables ahead of time while Ernie and Owen put lights on the tree in the front yard. When I say curry, I actually mean, ‘vaguely curryish.” I cooked the vegetables in a bit of olive oil and once they had just a touch of browning I added in spices. Given that I was feeling less than enthusiastic about cooking, it was merely my beloved Penzey’s sweet curry powder, some cumin and salt and pepper. Oh, and red pepper flakes. Normally I would have added a few more thing….some coriander, some turmeric, but eh. Once I could smell the spices I added a can of coconut milk and let the whole thing simmer for a bit. Added a little spinach at the end and served it on brown Jasmine rice. It tasted SO good. I swear the best part, though, was the kohlrabi.

I think I’m just about done with my Christmas shopping. Just a few more things. My plan to spend a lot less money this year? Mmmmmm. Not so much. Oh well. I still need to get stocking gifts. Every year I say I’m not doing stocking this year but somehow they always wear me down. Well, Owen does. Suggestions for cheap stocking presents are welcome.


3 thoughts on “All hail kohlrabi

  1. I have arranged with the Heavenly Powers That Be to assign over to you my remaining lifetime supply of kohlrabi. I don’t know just how the HPTB will accomplish this, but I am putting my trust in them to fulfill their promise to me. So be advised that more kohlrabi is coming your way. You’re welcome, and Merry Christmas.

  2. what do you usually put in the guys stockings? how about the small size bag of chips that they like (I always think of Leo & his love of the cheddar & sour cream (?) I think that’s what they’re called, we just call them orange chips!

    How about an old fashioned apple & orange & peanuts! That’s what Santa would put in ours (in the ’60’s!) Just a thought! Good luck on your quest!