Oh, my, has this week gone quickly. On Wednesday we went to Carle. I got my bloodwork done for my imaginary surgery (surely it will be postponed due to Omicron?) and Ernie stopped in at the Cancer Center to sign some paperwork. We left the south clinic (he may not be getting radiation but they’d already given us the parking pass!) and zoomed over to the main hospital. My spinal stenosis and my knees (supposed to get cortisone shots this week) were making it hard for me to walk too far so I had it all planned out as to make distances as short as possible.

We headed to the new MRI suites that are on the far north end of the hospital. Ernie went in and I sat in the waiting room. I was somewhere between charmed and amused by this little fireplace Christmas decor in the waiting room.

Then Ernie showed up at the door with a tech and beckoned me over. They needed to move him to the OLD MRI area which technically isn’t TERRIBLY far but damn it was hard to walk all that way. I finally had to stop…the tech was extraordinarily nice and when we finally got to where we were going he kindly left me in the main waiting room which wasn’t as far as the other one reportedly. I collapsed in my chair and Ernie dumped his armful of stuff into the chair next to me. After a bit I looked over at it and smiled. The essence of Ernie in a waiting room chair: leather jacket, Raye’s Mustard hoodie, reading glasses, phone and lots of Bob’s cat hair.

Oh, and there was a mix up so he didn’t have his sedative but he did ok. He has another one next week as well.

I did a bit of people watching while he got the car. Yeah, I know…he’s the one with stage four cancer and yet he’s waiting on me. I don’t get it either.

We were exhausted when we got home. I don’t really know why it was so tiring, but it was. No results yet.

Yesterday we both just lay low. I spent a few hours looking at the catalogue for the upcoming David Good auction. Good GOD, that man’s glass collection is incredible. I don’t know how long he had been accumulating these pieces. I know at one point, years ago, he told us he’d sold his whole glass collection and bought a Volvo. Something like that anyway. So much really, really early glass that you just don’t see out there.

When we get tired of whatever we’re watching on tv we switch over to Youtube and watch old Johnny Carson shows. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with them. He started doing the Tonight Show the year I was born and stopped thirty years later, just a few years after we got married. That’s a pretty big chunk of my formative life. I am just fascinated watching it…the sexism and racism that are on full display are astounding. I just shake my head in amazement at it all. I like it when the commercials are recorded too.

Today I am puttering with work. Last day to donate and get your gift doubled!

Onward to 2022

3 thoughts on “And on to the end of 2021

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Sorry you two had to do all that walking.
    Yes, cat hair on Ernie’s jacket. We have a dog with spiky white hair and lots of dark clothes. (Us, not the dog.)