May I just say that holding a warm wet towel to your cat’s torn-up butt for fifteen minutes twice a day is easier said than done? It REALLY puts her in the mood for the liquid antibiotic and the butt ointment and the pill too. Hattie was down to five pounds at her appointment yesterday. I just don’t know. We shall see if we can get her through this and get her into a good routine. She’s quite cheerful today and eating up a storm, so who knows.

I stayed in bed as long as I could this morning because I just did not want today. My pre-op physical and the nurse/teach appointments went well, however, and it’s good to have them over. My spinal stenosis decided to flare today just to make it extra special fun to wander the halls of the hospital and the south clinic. We had an hour plus between appointments so we sat in the lobby with iced tea and coffee, respectively, people watched, read, and crossworded. Ernie is the best company.

Oh my, but those crooked signs bothered me.

Tomorrow, we see Vasireddy about Ernie’s increased pain. He’s already given him a prescription but of course, insurance hasn’t approved it yet. I mean, I get they don’t want to hand out tons of pain pills, but say someone NEEDS them? Sigh. He gets another MRI next week to see what’s going on with the damned tumor. So, yes, Hattie, Ernie, and I will all have gone to the doctor this week. So Christmasy, so festive. Bob had damned well better stay strong. Ernie was worried that Bob wasn’t feeling great but I refuse to even hear that right now.

Despite all that, I’m looking forward to having both my boys here for Christmas and Christmas Eve. We don’t have tons of gifts for them but I am excited to give them. My sweet peas.


2 thoughts on “Christmas festivities: in which Hattie, Ernie, and Cynthia go to the doctor

  1. Heaven knows, you have too, too much on your plates just now, but try to stay strong and think positively. (Yeah, I know, easier said than done.) A Very Merry Christmas to all of you, and a Happy and More Positive New Year!