Yesterday afternoon I just crashed. Of course, that means I’ll have to do some work over the weekend, but that’s ok, it was worth it. I needed it.

It feels as though the last part of the year has just been a list of things to get through. That’s not as negative as it sounds, it has just felt like a bit of a slog even though many parts of it have been lovely. I keep feeling as though, ok, now just get through that and then that and so on. Yesterday afternoon it felt as though I had finally gotten through a lot of those things and I could just relax for a moment.

Relax we did. We curled up under blankets in our drafty little media room, watched tv, talked to the cats and to each other. It was lovely.

In September it was all about trying to get ready for our trip to Maine as well as doctor appointments for me. Then the trip in October. We got back and I was busy at work and then suddenly it was November with appointments for Ernie and then Thanksgiving. Then the house concert, then getting the Christmas tree up, and then, finally scheduled my hysterectomy. That was the final thing and that’s why I felt like it was time to crash.

Yes, next month I have to have a hysterectomy. I’m obviously not thrilled about this and it’s a strange thing to wrap one’s head around. I need to go ahead and get it done now however so I will be ok for the future. As I said to my gynecologist as we talked about this, “It’s not like my life is going to get easier.” It will be done laparoscopically and I’m hoping I don’t have to take TOO much time off work. If anyone has experience or recommendations please pass them along.

Today? Well, I hope not to repeat my set-a-timer-for-the-oven-but-forget-to-turn-it-on. Oddly, this didn’t taste nearly as burnt as it looked. We were out of Dijon and Ernie gets possessive with his Ray’s Mustards so I used some whole grain mustard on these chicken thighs. Not a bad idea, but execution? Mmmm. Not so much.

Other than hoping not to burn things, I think it will be a quiet day. I’m still hoping to corral the boys into decorating one of our trees in the front yard but a windy day like this is not the day to convince them. Maybe put a few more ornaments on the tree and then pack the tubs away. Maybe some reading, maybe some more tv, maybe a Hallmark movie. I slept horribly last night so there may be a nap in my future as well.


3 thoughts on “Crashing

  1. Search Nina Paley’s blog for “hysterectomy” to read her experience. I tried to post the URL but it seems to have been suppressed.

  2. Yep, things pile up. And get taken care of, one way or the other. So you already have plans for January. From what I hear, recovery is quicker these days because of laparoscopic surgery.

  3. I had the laparoscopic surgery and healed well. The fatigue was the hardest part for me. I was 46 at the time. I was able to keep my ovaries (they weren’t part of the problem) so I did not go through menopause as a result of the surgery. My doctor recommended 6 weeks off work, but I was working as an ICU nurse at the time which is physically demanding.