Ernie and I waffled and dithered and hemmed and hawed about having a Christmas show. We’d been in touch with Fats and Kristi Rose earlier in the year but, as we all know, things just keep changing. Ernie’s often tired these days and I’m not feeling 100 percent either…stress is just damn hard on the body.

Eventually, after an encouraging nod from my friend, Ann, we decided to do it if it would work for Fats and Kristi Rose. Seriously, it was an encouraging nod she gave me as we talked about it at the end of a work meeting. And then I thought about Owen the day after the Aaron Lee Tasjan show—just flying on the power of live music—and so we decided…if Fats and Kristi Rose could squeeze it into their schedule, we were on.

I adore Kristi Rose and Fats Kaplin. I honestly don’t think I could love them more. They are such lovely people and have become very dear friends. I don’t know how we got so lucky. They were so kind and flexible about this as well–understanding about a smaller crowd and assuring us we could change our minds last minute as they were driving past us anyway.

I’m so glad we did this.

As I was sitting in my appointed corner, listening to the sounds of Fats’ fiddle and that voice of Kristi Rose’s, I realized I couldn’t stop smiling. I tried to think of a way to describe how I felt and all I could come up with was that it felt like drinking water when you’re thirsty. So right, so good, so familiar, so invigorating.

It felt like Christmas, it felt like family.

Although we kept this to a very small crowd, thanks to every one of you that came. We are so grateful for our family of friends.

And as so many people said, NOW it feels like Christmas!

I was so pleased to have Owen and Trinity there (Leo didn’t come down until everybody was gone but he was an angel helping us get ready so I won’t complain). I loved watching Owen’s mesmerized face as he watched Fats. These are my two favorite pictures of the night. I can’t decide which one I like the best, although Kristi Rose does look a bit devilish in the second one…

Thanks, of course, to Richard Hill
Thanks to Eva for the picture
Thanks to Teri McCarthy for the video—and all her other help.

I’ll have more photos up on Facebook at the Sandwich Life House Concert page as soon as I get a chance!