Owen lost all his music files on his computer.

Hattie has to go back to the vet tomorrow. We just can’t get this whole Miralax/poop/anal gland thing under control. If she’s eating and drinking things are ok, but every so often she just stops for a day or two and then it all goes to hell. And I’m so damned tired of her stinking to high heaven. My poor sweet little ragged girl. Oh, and yeah, Merry Vet Bill.

Ernie’s pain has really increased…just messaged his doctor. He had a bad night.

Bob starts trying to woo Ernie downstairs starting at 4:00 in the morning.

I’m worried my surgery is going to get bumped because of COVID.

Tomorrow: vet and shopping for stocking presents

Wednesday: pre-op physical and nurse/teach appointment re: my hysterectomy.

Not all is horrible, however. We purposefully did NOT put a bow on Bob in the picture above as we didn’t want him mistaken for a present.

Seeing friends tonight.


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