There are worse things to do than stay up too late drinking wine, holding your anally-challenged cat, and watching Adam Ant videos by yourself. Worse things indeed.

A friend/family member just had their surgery bumped at Carle due to Covid cases. I’m pretty sure mine will be as well but I guess I go ahead and get my bloodwork and Covid test, etc. Sigh. I did want it over with.

Today is an MRI for Ernie. He also has one next week. Why they couldn’t do them at the same time I do not know. We also stop in the Cancer Center so he can sign paperwork for his referral to Barnes. Oh, and I get my bloodwork done for my imaginary surgery.

This week thus far? A whole lot of nothing. Reading fluff, reading news, admiring our tree even as Bob slowly dismantles the lights at the bottom of it. I told Ernie today that I should do something productive…cleaning closets and the like I had thought about. He told me I was doing what I needed to do, calming my mind. I love him.

This morning we both feel grumpy as don’t feel like another damn day at Carle. It’s like a freaking job.