Never fear, the Marty Stuart Christmas ornament is in its place of honor on the tree.

Decadent late breakfast from the eggmaster. Scrambled eggs and spinach with some Triple S bacon.

I saw that Iain Paul, one of the owners of Vintage Antiques that used to be on Walnut, has passed away. I didn’t know him but I remember crossing paths many times at that shop or antique shows around here. I got that wonderful snake Christmas ornament (below) in that shop for my Dad, many, many years ago. He was thrilled and I think of him every time we put it on the tree.

Uncle Mistletoe and Aunt Holly are well represented on the tree, as they should be, of course. Judi peeks out at the top in a grade school ornament. My grade school ornament is the blue glitter one above one of my favorite ornaments—that black and white one. Love the design on that one. Debbie’s ornament is just out of range. All three Voelkl girls are there.

Cabbage and broccoli from farmer Greg. Just gorgeous.

Yesterday ended up being a nice day, albeit quiet. Owen and Trinity stopped by for a visit, Leo came downstairs and we all hung out chatting. Bob quickly claimed his human so there would no misunderstandings. Yes, there’s just one tiny present under the tree. Wrapping to start soon!


2 thoughts on “Random pictures from the Sandwich Life

  1. Green with envy because of that snake ornament. It was the snake that caused the whole Christmas shebang. As the 15th-century carol says: “Adam lay ybounden, Bounden in a bond. Four thousand winter Thought he not too long. And all was for an apple, an apple that he took, As clerkes finden, Written in their book. Ne had the apple taken been, the apple taken been, Ne had never our lady A-been heavene queen. Blessed. be the time that apple taken was, Therefore we moun singen ‘Deo gracias!'”