It’s my sweet pea’s birthday today. That’s right, Owen turns 20 today.

I met with my doctor about my surgery yesterday. I still think it will get bumped by COVID but we’ll see. He said he thought there was a 10-20% chance it would be bumped. It’s a strange feeling to think that you’re getting surgery and preparing yourself mentally while also thinking you probably aren’t getting surgery. And it’s strange to think that your vagina will just….go nowhere.

I was relieved to have the appointment over and the doctor was great and had me feeling a bit calmer about it all, but damn I’m sick of going to Carle. Tomorrow I drop Ernie off for an MRI and then I head over to a different Carle to get cortisone shots in my knees. After that, I head back to Carle and finish up waiting for Ernie. Then on Friday, we meet with Vasireddy and I guess Ernie’s getting an infusion. On Sunday I go and get a COVID test at Carle and theoretically at least, my surgery is next Wednesday.

I also have to work in there and somehow prepare for being gone for a few weeks.

There’s no major prep for my surgery. Eat lightly the day before and wash with a special soap and sleep on clean sheets. And of course, Carle being Carle, I won’t know the time of my surgery until the day before. Unless, of course, they call and cancel it.

However, despite all that vague uncertainty, I am certain of one thing. Owen is coming over for a birthday dinner of pancakes and chicken and that will make me very happy. Almost as happy as he was in this bathtub years ago.

Onward. Onward for me and onward for Owen.

3 thoughts on “A happy birthday to Owen and other thoughts

  1. Owen to the “sweet pea’s” birthday, everyone is gonna enjoy chicken and pancakes tonight. Happy 20th to the Cute Li’l Bathtub Baby!

  2. Sorry it got posted twice. I didn’t think it “took” the first time. Patience and trust in technology to do its thing have never been my long suits.