Another day, another appointment at Carle. I dropped Ernie off at the main hospital and he headed to the MRI Suites. I zoomed off to a different Carle facility and went to my appointment. I checked in at the kiosk and sat down in the waiting room. There was a person at a little desk near the doors to the offices and I wondered if I was to check in there. Soon enough, that person told me I could go to exam room 66. So I wandered down the halls looking for room 66. I poked my head into the empty room and decided that was it so went in and sat down. It just felt so funny…I’m so used to somebody always leading us to an exam room. It all went fine though and then I trundled back to the main hospital.

I sat down in the MRI Suites waiting room (the little fireplace decoration is gone). A little bit later I saw them taking Ernie in a wheelchair down to the old radiation/MRI place. At least this time I didn’t get dragged along. They keep telling him about the fancy new MRI machines that have this and that but somehow he never gets those. Eventually, they told me to pull up the car. They are short of people doing transport so had to wait a while but eventually, they wheeled up my sweet pea and he popped in the car. We were so happy it was all over. All told it wasn’t all that much over four hours so I guess we can’t complain.

We got Peking Garden for dinner (one of his comfort food places) and just tried to relax.

There was a news story yesterday about Carle postponing non-emergency surgeries (thanks, Susan). Ugh, ugh, ugh. Today I wrote the scheduling person that I’d been dealing with and she said my surgery is still currently scheduled. Ok. I’m still not thoroughly convinced but we shall see.

I also talked to a new friend about her experiences working with the Barnes Cancer Center, which was reassuring (thanks to my beloved Heather for the contact).

Had leftover Chinese for breakfast. Worked. Suddenly realized it was Thursday, not Wednesday, and worked harder to get some stuff done.

Oh, and here’s something else. Last night, around 11:00 pm, three images (all the same) popped up in my photos on my laptop. I deleted them and changed my password. Any ideas? I have my Airdrop set to contacts only and I didn’t accept anything anyway. Kinda creepy, no?