I think I have finally turned a corner and am feeling a bit better. I fade pretty damn quickly, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. A friend of mine told me that the three-week mark was a turning point for her and I think that will hopefully be the case for me. Three weeks this Wednesday. I still have one really sore spot but doing ok. I head back to work on Thursday. I gave myself (thanks to my boss) a few more days and I’m glad I did. I was way too conservative estimating recovery time, or is that not conservative enough? I don’t know, but I needed more time than I had supposed.

In other news:

I’m TRYING not to get too excited about the snow forecast. Crossing my fingers.

The other day when we had that dusting of snow I was so happy to wake up and see white outside my window.

Yeah, not being so careful about food right now. This is a breakfast sandwich Ernie made for me. Against the Grain gluten-free bun, cheddar, bacon and mayo because I believe in mayo, particularly Hellman’s.

While Ernie washed the blanket I’ve been wrapping up in (our little front room is an old porch…gets very cold) he lent me his beloved heated blanket. The lump to the left is Hattie. We enjoyed it greatly.

Tried some Papa Del’s gluten-free the other night. It did not go all that well. I don’t think I’m quite up to that yet, despite my enjoyment of my bacon/cheddar sandwich.

Pizza regret—hence my request for gruel the next day. I always make it for Ernie, but I gotta say, it tastes better when someone else makes it for you.

Bob, although a bit quieter than he used to be, still regularly deflates next to Ernie.


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