Went down a bit of a rabbit hole yesterday when I dug up that photo of me at Gaspar’s (Schuba’s). I have almost no photographs of that era. We just didn’t photo-document as much then. Here are a few different things I found in the old grain-painted box I use for photos

Damn, Ernie loved his Galaxie so much. Don’t know why we don’t have good pictures of it. This is outside our apartment in Ypsilanti in the mid 80’s.
The glorious US 23 drive-in, Flint, Michigan (still there, but sadly with new screens). I wish there’d been a blue sky for the picture but it’s a glorious thing, isn’t it?
I was sorely tempted to photo edit this so my skin looked better but I left it as is. Good documentation of my love for black eyeliner. I’m not totally sure what has happened to my hand.
Ernie and I, the day after our wedding (1988) in line to get on Amtrak’s City of New Orleans. Off for a brief honeymoon in New Orleans. Ernie with his American Legion jacket, great hair, and his beloved newspapers.
A terrible snapshot of a great old Holiday Inn sign. Somewhere outside of Detroit. It was the era in which they were disappearing so Ernie and I stopped and had a drink in the bar to wait until it was dark and we could see the neon. They had little bowls of peanuts lined up along the bar. Too bad my picture is awful and yet I like it just the same.
And in only two days, it will be 20 years since this moment. My sweet, sweet Owen.


2 thoughts on “Random photos from the Sandwich Life

  1. I love the Holiday Inn sign. It reminds me of living across Neil St. from the one in Champaign. We were temporary “trailer trash” before Perkins bought the mobile home park (just north of the Boar’s Head restaurant) in the last 70s. I recall getting the News-Gazette and sheltering from a tornado warning there.

    1. I worked at that Holiday Inn in Champaign as a dishwasher 1982-1985, and I met my husband Steve there when he worked there as a bellboy and desk clerk. It’s still weird to drive by the empty lot where it used to stand.