Well, I told you I was still around but then I went quiet again. This recovery, like all recoveries, I suppose, is two steps forward, one step back. Yesterday was a one-step-back kind of day. Today we’re going for two steps forward.

I gotta say, in some ways recovery from the hysterectomy is a bit slower than I thought it would be. Part of it is the crushing exhaustion. I just wasn’t prepared for that. I thought exhaustion and I were old friends. I thought we’d see each other, ask how the other had been, and slip into our old relationship. NO. This is a whole different animal. This is NOT the exhaustion I am used to. This exhaustion is mind-numbing and all-encompassing, although it is lessening. No wonder they told me you don’t feel like yourself for 6+ weeks or longer.

Part of me thought I was taking too much time off, but that is definitely not the case. Today I head to the doctor for my not quite two-week check-up. I know I need to start walking more, I’ve been a little too sedentary. I go back to work next week.

Now some random notes:

The night I was in the hospital I knew I should order dinner as I hadn’t eaten all day. Nothing sounded good but I ordered salmon, broccoli, and sweet potato. Now, I’m sure their kitchen can put out reasonably well-cooked meals but this salmon was so dry I couldn’t figure out how to eat it. If I tried to pierce it with my fork it crumbled into bits and when I tried to scoop up the bits they rolled off my fork. I finally resorted to taking the butter meant for my sweet potato and trying to use it to give it some moisture and pack pieces of it together. The broccoli was rock hard and the sweet potato tasted funny to me. I got a few bites of salmon in and called it a night. I skipped breakfast the next morning.

Speaking of the sweet potato tasting funny—I’m sure it was perfectly fine but my taste seems to be off since the surgery. And I’ve been craving sweets! Who am I? The day I got home I sent Ernie to the store for salted caramel ice cream. This is unheard of! Even yesterday I tasted something and asked Ernie if it tasted normal to him. It did. I guess it’s me.

I developed some weird red blotches on my face the day of surgery but they seem to be fading.

My doctor was somewhat fascinated with my uterus. Although he’d seen ultrasounds I guess it’s different seeing it in reality. Evidently, I had a strange-shaped uterus, most likely due to my mother’s exposure to DES. It also accounted for my extra long cervix…which explains why most nurses had a terrible time telling how dilated I was during labor (which wasn’t fun for either of us). Everything is connected and it is all somewhat fascinating.

That may all be more than you want to know but it’s where my head is at the moment. Our tree is still up. We were supposed to take it down yesterday but I vetoed it and stayed on the couch and watched Chicago Med. You were wondering how I’ve been filling my time? I have watched 4 and a half seasons of Chicago Med. Owen laughed at me when he came for a visit. “What is this? ER-lite?” he asked. As I explained to him, it’s somewhat cheesy, somewhat formulaic and deeply comforting. Ernie is so kind, he sits and watches it with me. The better I feel the less I like it but I’m committed to finishing it all.

And with that, I find myself somewhat worn out. Off to rest a bit before my appointment. Thanks again for all the thoughts and kindnesses.

Oh, and because I have no photos, here is Bob. Bob is no more aware of me than he usually is but Hattie is deeply devoted. She thinks I should have surgery every week.

2 thoughts on “Report from the bunker

  1. Recovery is gonna be slow at first, but you’ll feel like yourself again one bright day. Bob doesn’t know he’s spurned a love bug. Bob’s loss. Bob is a beautiful, but clueless, cat.