I saw my doctor this week and he told me the most wonderful thing. He told me it was perfectly normal for me to still be feeling awful and utterly exhausted. I was SOOOO grateful.


I kinda thought maybe I was being a wimp. I mean, I am healing ok, pain is there but generally under control, but damn…the numbing fatigue is overwhelming. I was so glad to hear that this was normal less than two weeks after major surgery. I don’t have to feel guilty, like I’m not trying hard enough.

I just need to keep napping, watching Chicago Med, eating sizzling rice soup and salted caramel ice cream. Ok, maybe we need to finally take the Christmas tree down too.

Back to work next week although I’ll admit to being anxious on how I’m going to swing that. I never could have really imagined much of this experience.

I’m turning it over in my head but still a little too tired to let it out.

Here I am in my standard corner of the media room, surrounded by pillows, house concert posters looking on while I rest.

2 thoughts on “The best thing my doctor told me this week

  1. I’m glad you said “major surgery.” Keep thinking that. I think it’s natural for us “powerhouses,” and by that I mean the mothers, the folks who Get It Done, the ones who stand “firm” holding their world together, to minimize our issues.

    I don’t know remember your exact procedure, but even a lapro hysterectomy is still taking chunks of your innards out. It’s easy to think “it was *only* laproscopic,” since that’s a much less invasive procedure, but it’s still cutting into and removing parts, etc.

    And I’m happy to hear you have a good doctor.

    Signed, Melissa, who gets middle ear infections and the little things just whack her out!

  2. Your doctor sounds like a good one. Remember that you would have had some degree of blood loss during surgery, you might want to ask your doctor about the possibility of anemia. Or maybe just take a multiple vitamin with iron for the next 6 weeks or so. Rest and feel better!