I’ve been quiet of late. Too many things going through my head to be able to let them out in any kind of order, nonsensical or otherwise.

Ernie did not start his new chemo last week. We all decided to wait until after he sees the doctor at Barnes. He will stay on Xtandi for the time being. It’s partially to give us a break as I’m having my hysterectomy tomorrow. As always, I adore Vasireddy. Ernie will get a bone scan next week then we go to Barnes on February 9 and see Vasireddy again on the 11th. Oh, and somewhere in there, Ernie gets his injection and sees Vasireddy.

I must admit to a certain amount of anxiety about tomorrow’s surgery but will be glad to have it over. I’m planning to take a few weeks off work so trying to get things done for that with a very scattered head throwing a few roadblocks up here and there.

What other news do I have? I seem to have become mentally unable to cook dinner. We’ve been ordering out too much. We did manage two good dinners this week though. Wait, actually it was three!

Ernie found some 16-20 Gulf shrimp. I tossed them with cumin, smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper. Sauteed them quickly in a bit of olive oil and then added a few tablespoons (if that) of a mixture of sherry vinegar and honey and cooked for another few seconds. We put it on top of salad greens and damn but it was good!

Owen seemed happy with his birthday celebration and his new Aaron Lee Tasjan shirt!

Yes, sitting in front of the tv to eat. Hattie is curled up in front and that’s my stress turkey on the left. A bowl of my gruel. I shouldn’t call it gruel really…it’s just my simple semi-homemade (bought the chicken broth) chicken and rice soup. Gently poached chicken thighs shredded, peas, rice, salt and pepper and not a damn thing else. Sometimes simple really is best. I’m having leftovers thinned out with more broth tonight as they said not to eat anything heavy.

The gruel was my beautiful new Le Creuset pot’s inaugural voyage. She did great. It’s a perfect size. My sweet peas are very good to me.

Last night Ernie roasted a whole chicken and threw some cut-up sweet potatoes in the pan with it. Honestly, the chicken was lovely, but the sweet potatoes won the plate. This morning I had eggs and sweet potato. Delightful.

On Sunday I had to get my COVID test for the surgery. We got there early and it only took about 30-45 minutes. Negative of course.

And…that’s all I’ve got. Please think good thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Update and a few random pictures

  1. Wishing you a far easier time of it tomorrow than you’re thinking. May your healing also be quick and without complication. Will be thinking of you!

  2. Good luck with your surgery… I’m sending good thoughts and prayers👍💕 I had a vaginal hysterectomy years ago and it was a “piece of cake” so to speak. I was 42 when they did the surgery. I just know you’re going to do fine. You know we Voelkl Women are “strong like bull”. All the best!