We go along, trying to be positive, focusing on the many wonderful things in our life, but sometimes a simple everyday event, like a favorite mug being knocked to the floor and broken, completely derails those efforts.

The broken pieces represent so much more than a favorite mug bought in our beloved Lubec, Maine. The beautiful little gift shop where we got it is long gone. And it’s a mug. Just a mug, right?

When you hold parts of yourself in so tightly, you get fragile, and all it takes is a little knick, or a broken mug, to break things open.

We go to St. Louis on Wednesday for our Barnes consult and then see Vasireddy on Friday. In between there I have lots of work to get done.

I overdid it this weekend lifting a stupid tub of Christmas trees from our mantel. How heavy could it be? I thought. Heavy enough to make my insides light up with pain, a thousand points of light if you will. Well, now I guess I know why they said to be careful lifting things. This weekend was more of a one step forward, four steps back. Eh, I’m ok though, just a tad sore. I guess you’re supposed to listen to the doctor’s instructions as my beloved Peggy pointed out. They said take four weeks at least…did I listen? They said no lifting. Did I listen? Sigh.

Owen came by and helped Leo and Ernie get Leo’s car out of the alley. He hung out and talked a bit and I was beside myself with joy having him there. It’s not just me seeing him, it’s watching him and Leo talk and hearing him and Ernie do their thing. It helped the pain a LOT. I have such beautiful sweet peas.

Ernie and I also curled up with Leo and watched a couple of episodes of the new Boba Fett series. I love watching things with Leo. I swear it brought me right back to Thomas the Tank Engine days. Those shows were so soothing. That was before he got old enough to tell me that trains did not have faces. That was a heartbreak.

So, suffice to say, despite some pain, yesterday was a pretty nice day. Today? Well, we’re trying.

Here are a few random pictures. Yes, we finally took the tree down.

Note Bob doing his job, monitoring Ernie.
I call this the Mistletoe Brigade

The pork shoulder we made was marvelous. I haven’t cooked a pork shoulder for us in ages and it tasted so good. I just rubbed it with mustard and kosher salt and roasted it at 325 for a few hours. By the time we were ready to eat we were too tired to fuss so we just paired it with some leftover quinoa and added broccoli and some of the pan juices. Delightful.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got.

Onward. Monday or no Monday, onward.