I think I made it through another week. I mean, at least so far, so good. Another somewhat stressful week but much better than last week, AND I’m feeling better, so I’ll take it. Oh, and I got snow again!

In my strange unphotographing days of late, I have no pictures of the glorious snow and wind and ice that made it feel so wonderfully blizzard-like. I’m not a fan of ice and the only boots I have are buried somewhere under our bed upstairs so I just admired from inside as I worked. Ok, I have two. Last night before going to bed when everything had quieted down and the lights in my tree looked just a tad rumpled.

And this morning, when the sun is coming through windows still covered with ice.

I’m hoping Owen brings our snow shovel back sometime soon…and uses it, of course.

Ernie and I both seemed to have picked up some sort of bug that’s hitting our stomachs. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out if it was something we ate and when we ate it or something we caught at one of our numerous doctor appointments and then I wonder what the hell is wrong with me, why am I obsessing over this. However we got it, we have something. Ernie was pretty miserable yesterday (and he’s not even on chemo right now which is what I would normally blame this on) but is a bit better today and the batch of gruel we threw together from leftover roast chicken and vegetables turned out to be pretty good and nicely comforting. I was iffy yesterday and am decidedly more so this morning. Oh well, a quiet weekend planned anyway. And I THINK, if I am not mistaken we might actually have a week without doctor appointments next week. I KNOW!!

Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother’s death. I have been thinking of her a lot lately and craving her touch on my head…feeling my forehead, brushing my hair away, saying, “oh, sweetheart.” I guess that never goes away, that yearning, we just learn to pack it away most of the time.

Curled up, eating roasted chicken stew while watching the snow come down outside.


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