We were both out of sorts all day yesterday. We planned a recipe for dinner but I found that our brown sugar was a brick of cement and I just gave up, despite the fact that I could have substituted something else. We had leftover gruel, but it was a damn good batch of gruel so I’m not complaining. We curled up and watched tv until Leo came home. He’d been out with a group of friends all day photographing the last day of trains going down the middle of the road in Michigan City, Indiana. I didn’t see many of his photos because I was on my way to bed but what I saw looked great. He said there were a ton of train people there as well as it had been in all the train mags.

Ernie nudged me this morning and said, “Cynthia, it’s 5:30.” I groaned and begged to sleep a little longer. I finally forced myself out of bed, threw some clothes on, took my pills, tied my hair back and proclaimed myself ready to go. I was bleary as hell because I never sleep well on nights I know I have to get up earlier than usual. Ernie commented that it was a nice day out and I just kinda grunted. I blinked at the sun as we drove and sat clutching Ernie’s phone.

After about 45 minutes on the road, the call came through. Of course, it said it was from North Carolina but it was a St. Louis area code so I quickly answered. Side note: Lately all our calls come in with the wrong location listed. Anyone else?

Back to the phone call. I was told that the doctor didn’t think a single needle could access the tumor so they were now talking to urology to see if they could get a biopsy with a cystoscopy (ugh), so no biopsy today.

We drove until we hit an exit so we could turn around. When we got back to town we went to OHOP for breakfast because we felt we deserved it. And no, I don’t believe we will ever see Ernie wear anything other than his Raye’s Mustard hoodie. I suppose I’ll need to get him a Raye’s t-shirt for summer wear so he doesn’t have heat stroke.

We came home and Ernie called Pachynski’s office. They called right back right away (which was nice) so now we’re evidently waiting on perhaps a biopsy being scheduled, possibly. We think we probably don’t have the Wednesday appointment, but if so, hope to do it on the phone and tomorrow is the radiation consult on the phone.

O.K. then. I guess since I worked all weekend I can knock off a little early today, huh?


*Remember that old Keith Whitley song, Birmingham Turnaround? What a great song.

One thought on “Mattoon turnaround*

  1. I’m sorry you got up early for no reason, but look at the bright side!!!!! At least you got breakfast out!!!!