I was delighted that we might actually have a week without doctor appointments this week. We were quite excited about it. Then we got a message that we had a telephone consult with radiology at Barnes. Well, ok, we were happy with that. One more step so we put it on the calendar.

On Monday, Ernie took me to Huber’s to celebrate Presidents’ Day. Yeah, I know, but you gotta work with what you got. As we sat there, at my favorite table, with a bowl of popcorn, I got the message from Barnes that our insurance hadn’t approved the consult so it had to be pushed back a week. I admit I teared up in frustration. Ernie went and got the box of tissues on the edge of the bar and held it out to me. I took three pieces and he said, “Go ahead, take one more” so I did and we giggled. Thank God we can still amuse ourselves.

With the insight of a new friend (thank you Kristen, and thank you Heather for introducing us ❤️ to you both) Ernie talked to Health Alliance. The appointment is now approved and will happen next Tuesday and Ernie has a phone appointment next Friday with a nurse practitioner who will be his ‘care coordinator.’

This morning Ernie missed a call from Barnes. He called back and oh, it turns out he has a CT scan at Barnes this Friday. The day after tomorrow!! I believe it’s Interventional Radiation that has scheduled it…to see if they can do the biopsy I guess? We still have an appointment with Pachynski next week in St. Louis and I thought that was supposed to be post biopsy. Damn, I used to be so on top of all this stuff and I’m starting to lose it. I’ll figure it out as we go along, I suppose.

So, from a week with no appointments, we went to one appointment to no appointment to one appointment, in St. Louis no less.

Who the hell knows what next week holds. I was already planning to work over the weekend, now I guess I definitely am.

Ok, three positive things:

We had roast chicken the other night so there are now chicken bones and bits in the slow cooker for chicken broth.

We got an overnight visit from Daisy which was delightful. Not that she’s gotten out of bed yet. She’s a dog after my own heart. She’s that big golden lump.

Ummmm. Third positive thing? Hmmmm. Owen’s stopping by in a bit to bring our car back and Leo comes home for lunch around 1:15 so within a few hours I will see both the sweet peas.

Ok, that works for me.


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