I continue to improve, but as always, it’s not necessarily linear, and there’s still the two steps forward, one step back thing going on. Going back to work was an eye-opener. It felt so good to be doing something other than watching tv and eating salted caramel ice cream (so far Blue Bunny is in the lead, but I am open to suggestions—assuming we’ll ever be able to get out of our snow-packed alley, which masquerades as our driveway, to get more) but good GOD was I wiped out. I managed a little over half a day before taking my last pain pill and collapsing. I had hoped to work longer. I said to Ernie, “I don’t understand how I can be so completely and utterly exhausted.” He said, “Uh, I don’t know either.” I don’t think he was really listening. I said, crossly, “NO, you’re supposed to say it’s completely UNDERSTANDABLE.” He amended his comment and quickly got me some ice cream.

I managed to stick it out longer on Friday so there is progress. I’m feeling pretty good. I was a tad worried one of my many incisions was getting infected but I think it’s ok. There are five incisions and they’re all fine but one and I’m just really sore behind that one still. The doctor looked at it when I last saw him and said it was ok, just deep muscle something or other. Anyway, that’s a long rambling way of saying I’m getting there. Slow but steady. I greatly appreciate all the kindness and good thoughts I have received.

Now it’s Saturday and I’m attempting to finally clear out a bit of Christmas while Ernie and Leo work in the alley. Yes, our tree is still up but it is finally coming down. We have sometimes left it up a bit long, but never this long. We stopped watering the poor thing so it’s starting to hurl ornaments to the ground—otherwise, I might just keep it up longer! We were supposed to take it down earlier in the week but it just seemed rude to do it when snow was coming. Everything is a bit off-kilter this year.

The snow DID make me incredibly happy. I know it’s hard for so many—physically and financially…but damn, I was happy as a clam at high tide. It’s also nice to have a young man living here to do some shoveling (pic of Leo at top).

Some other random pics…

Ernie and Owen finally got to see Gordon Lightfoot after the show was postponed three times. I was so happy he and Owen got to go together.

Well, Owen got a date with Ernie—dinner and a show, as Ernie would put it. Leo unfortunately just got the opportunity to attempt digging out our cars with his father. The city doesn’t plow alleys–at least they have never plowed this one in the years we’ve lived here, and it’s LOOOONNNNGGGG. I think Leo estimated 125.’ We were hoping the Honda, having four-wheel drive and sitting higher than Leo’s car, would get through. Nope. A trash truck got through on Thursday to get our trash so there are at least some tire ruts in the snow now. Ernie and Leo are out there now in another attempt. Leo’s good about not letting Ernie do too much.

I thought they should park on the street before the snow hit but got shot down. Not that it’s easy digging out on the street but it’s not 125.’

Look how damned cute.

I just love seeing the white skies. On Wednesday night I was shocked by the brightness every time I opened my eyes in the night.

Well, this was my break from packing Christmas things but I guess I should get back to it. The mantel looks empty with no trees, doesn’t it?

We have a mustard-covered boneless pork shoulder in the oven (using some of Ernie’s beloved Raye’s Mustard. It’s starting to smell good.


2 thoughts on “Notes from the bunker: progress, snow, work

  1. Sounds like you are coming along, slowly but surely. Like you, I miss winter and am glad that someone somewhere appreciates the season. Nice that Ernie and Owen had that dinner date. I remember my new stepmother being absolutely flattened by her hysterectomy, barely six months after she and my dad got married. Back in 1950, a hysterectomy was major surgery. Aunt Ruth (Dad’s relative) came to “help.” AR was one slice of bread short of a complete sandwich. Eccentric and difficult! She soon turned all the bride’s new tea towels a dismal shade of grey and then complained about how “fussy” the bride was. Came the blessed day when the bride took AR to the train station. Lugging AR’s suitcase alongside the train, the bride mentioned how heavy it was. Within a week, AR sent a scathing letter accusing the bride of calling her a thief.

  2. Ernie’s hair is lovely. First like a halo outside of the Virginia, then just a lovely fall of hair in the shoveling pic.

    I was giddy to finally have snow! It can’t be a winter without some shoveling and whatnot.

    Wishing you the best…