Bob looks worried up there, doesn’t he? I mentioned it to Ernie and he muttered something about Bob worrying about Ukraine.

I have an office upstairs (the mysterious ‘fourth room’) but I often do a good amount of my daily work curled up in the living room with my laptop. I recently switched spots because it was too damn cold sitting next to the window when it’s cold and windy. Sitting on the other side of the room gives me a better view of the sky (important when you’re watching for snow) and it also is closer to the door of the media room where Bob and Ernie hang out. I gotta say, I never knew what long conversations they had. They talk to each other a LOT.

I love my snowy, grey days, but I must admit it is awfully nice to see the sun shining and the snow acting as the canvas for all the wonderful shadow puppetry from the trees.

Hattie? Sigh. I just don’t know what to do. Despite getting Miralax in her, increasing Miralax, getting her pills into, encouraging her to eat and drink, etc. she’s a mess again. I just don’t know what to do. She’s spending a lot of time on the heater vent (great, she’s probably baking her poop to rocks) but if I’m in the media room she is very devoted and comes to hang out. She also likes to sit next to Ernie and just butt the top of her head against his thigh and go to sleep. Again: sigh. I just don’t know what to do with her.

On a more cheerful note, I COOKED A GOOD DINNER!

On Friday night I had planned what to have with our salmon but when it was time to actually go and do something about dinner? Well, we punted. I had popcorn with wonderful organic white cheddar powder on it (thank you Ernie and Heather respectively) and Ernie had eggs. So, yesterday I came up with the brilliant idea of prepping some things earlier. While Ernie ran to the store for a few things, I cut up some parsnips, orange carrots and some pale yellow/white carrots. I boiled them to death in salted water. Parsnips seem to take forever to cook but eventually, they were all soft. I tumbled them into my food processor with a couple of pats of butter and pureed the heck out of them. In hindsight, or rather, next time, I will use my vitamix as that would have made it creamier. I added a bit more salt and some lemon juice. It was still really sweet so then I added a few red pepper flakes.

Heather had gifted me with a huge bunch of beautiful purple beans from their garden when they were headed out of town last summer. We ate a ton of them but also froze some, so I pulled a bag of frozen beans out and let it defrost. Then I used a little butter to bloom some curry powder before adding and tossing the beans with it.

When it was time to eat we just had to throw the salmon in a pan and heat up the sides. The salmon was great (it looks ugly because the skin got squinched up and the piece was too big), the beans were wonderful (less curry powder next time) but the puree won the plate. It ended up being a weird salmony color…have to think about that next time, but it was really great, sweet and those notes of spice I get from parsnip and the tiniest bit of heat from the pepper flakes.

I mentioned to Ernie that this is the first weekend I actually feel relatively normal since the hysterectomy and damn, that’s a nice feeling. Yesterday I woke up earlyish but let myself fall back asleep for a bit. I came downstairs, Ernie made me breakfast and I curled up and read and poked around at the news. Leo came downstairs and hung out with us while Ernie and I rambled about the old days at antique shows. I’m not sure what set us off but at one point I looked at Leo and said, “Oh, this is probably boring.” He gave a little shrug and kept listening. I love that boy.

This morning made his famous muffins with gluten-free flour and damn they were good. In fact, they were so good, and Leo loves them so much, that this is the only picture I got. Next time. It’s just a simple old-fashioned muffin recipe. It’s not oversized and overly moist and full of add-ins. It’s just a simple, sweet little muffin. The recipe is from an old cookbook Ernie’s mom gave me years ago from the Farm Journal.


2 thoughts on “Random notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. …”wonderful shadow puppetry from the trees”–you’re a poet in addition to your many other talents. Glad to hear things are getting back to “normal” and that you’re feeling better. Sorry the same is not true for Hattie–and again, it’s not funny, but I had to smile about what was happening to her poop while she baked on the radiator.