I had my six-week hysterectomy follow-up appointment with my gynecologist today. Everything seems to be fine and I’m healing well. He said the ongoing soreness I have in one particular spot, as well as my balance being off, is just because the incision went through core muscles and they still have to completely heal. Then he said I don’t need to see him more than every year or so because hell, most everything he deals with is gone, gone, gone.

Weird. No more pap smears.

Once again, I must say how grateful I am to all the women that reached out to me with their own experiences. There are resources online that are really helpful (hystersisters.com–thank you for the rec, Karen) but nothing is the same as hearing from friends.

It surprised me how many people have gone through this. I think it’s something that still gets whispered about to a certain degree. I think people are probably more comfortable saying they’re getting shoulder surgery or a knee replacement then talking about their uterus and ovaries. About a third of all women will have a hysterectomy before the age of 60. Wow.

Sometimes I can’t help but think about this big empty space inside of me, like an empty living room waiting for the couch to be delivered. Oh well. No couch coming but it will all work out.

A few random pictures…

I loved that snowy day but good god…I think we need to wash our windows.

We don’t eat steak too often but damn, we enjoyed this last night. Strip steaks seared in cast iron with a bit of a pan sauce on top and a green salad. Then we shared a Valentine cookie and I reminisced about the first Valentine’s Day I knew him. He looked so good in his pink shirt and his jacket and we ended up going to the Downtown Performing Arts Center where Milktoast and some other bands played. He gave me an antique opal heart necklace and pink tulips that year. ❤️ This year, steak, salad and a shared cookie worked just fine too.

Oh, and up at the top of this post is a picture by Leo that he took this weekend. Deer crossing in front of a train in the snow….checked all my boxes.


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