Man. Tired today. I was supposed to work today to catch up. I woke up feeling bleary and exhausted. Then I thought about the fact that this is the first weekend since I went back to real life AND it was a stressful week on a couple of levels. I realize I need to rest. My mind is scattered and my body is rebelling. I really need to rest. So I will work tomorrow as much as I can and will just have to bill fewer hours this week. Balance. Always seeking that hard to achieve balance.

Leo is out doing train stuff and Ernie is running errands. I am here by myself with a sleeping Hattie. Bob is probably on the heater vent since Ernie’s not in the vicinity.

I talked to my sister, Debbie, today. She sounds good. Oddly enough, she had a hysterectomy not long after mine. Unfortunately, her issues had become uterine cancer (and gall bladder issues to boot) but the biopsy came back saying her lymph nodes are clear! She seems to be leaving me in the dust as far as recovery goes lol and she’s not even the competitive sister (that was Judi). Well, good for her, of course. Part of my problem is, no doubt, that I went into this already exhausted and run down but I am improving daily and I can tell that. When I think about how I felt just a week ago there is a big difference.

When talking to Debbie this morning, she mentioned that her balance had been off since the surgery. I was relieved to hear that as mine has been too and I’ve been worrying about it. Sometimes the spinal stenosis does that to me but this has been worse. Hopefully, it will get better but it was comforting to hear she was experiencing it too.

So add balance issues to my list of post-surgery side effects. There was the sudden craving for sweets, which has calmed down although Blue Bunny salted caramel ice cream will continue to reign supreme. My sense of taste was just off for a few weeks but seems to back to normal….or I’ve acclimated. My sleep was totally disordered a while but seems to be back to its normal self, not great, but not bad.

Debbie and I have talked about how much we’ve missed our mother since surgery. I suppose it’s an innate longing for comfort that happens when you’ve been through something. I often think of my mother this time of year as she passed on February 17, just a year and a few days after Judi had died. Oh, February. At least you gave me snow!!

We saw Vasireddy yesterday. He knew I’d had surgery (missed Ernie’s last appointment with him) and immediately stopped in front of me to ask how I was feeling and recovering. I just adore him. He was enthusiastic about the clinical trial we are looking at (at Barnes) so we’re holding off on the chemo that had been planned. Ernie was thrilled with that. He’s really struggled with the idea of another chemo. Anything that gives him a brief break is good for the spirit.

The rest of today? I’m thinking maybe a movie when Ernie gets back, maybe a fire in the fireplace, maybe a nap with Hattie.

Thanks again for the good wishes and lovely comments.


Oh, and we went to breakfast after we saw Vasireddy because we needed to have some kind of marker before we went home. We went to Sammy’s and I’m sorry to say they have changed their hash browns. I’m not sure I approve. It also seemed more expensive but I’m sure it was and I can’t fault them. Here is a picture of Ernie laughing at me because I sighed with pleasure when the waitress set the iced tea in front of me. I love it when I get an iced tea spoon. I don’t even use it but I like that idea of a special long-handled spoon for my tea. Small pleasures.

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  1. So nice to have the house to yourself for awhile. Here’s hoping you can take it ever so slow and easy this next week. Yes, a tall spoon for your iced tea! Tall spoons go well with chocolate sodas, too, but do they even make them anymore?