I’m so tired I feel like I can’t see straight. It doesn’t matter how much I sleep. I’ll have some more iced tea and perk up, though, never fear. Last night our dear friends Ann and Bob came over with takeout from Maize and wine and beer (and tulips!) and, as always, I feel more myself after being with them.

Leo came home as we were sitting in the living room after dinner so he stayed and hung out as well. It’s hard to believe I met them when I was pregnant with Owen, and Leo looked like this:

Today I’m trying to catch up on work, although I sat in the sun for a little bit and it was luscious.

It looks like our oncologist appointment on the 30th was canceled, not that anyone told us. I’m guessing he wants to wait and see what the liver/abdomen MRI looks like.

M O R E waiting.


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