Man, I’ve been taking hardly any pictures of late. That’s not like me. I did get one of my girl Hattie the other day, however. You look at her from most angles and well, the girl is a mess. She’s the scruffiest, skinniest, creakiest thing you’ve ever seen. But just look at that face. My beautiful, slightly odd little old lady. I do love her. Polly Voelkl tough, that girl.

After cooking our subpar dinner the other night, we gave it another try, and this one was far more successful. Why don’t I cook more with sumac? Such a delightful flavor, warm and almost lemony at the same time. We (uh, Ernie) just rubbed salt, pepper, and sumac on some bone-in chicken thighs and put them in a roasting pan with some cut-up sweet potatoes scattered in there too. Because the thighs don’t dry out easily, I like these cooked pretty well done so the skin gets nice and crispy and the sweet potatoes get a little toasty. We went with 55 minutes at 450 degrees. I thought they’d be done in 45 but gave them another ten minutes after looking at them. We had beautiful, sweet salad greens from Greg. The combination was an absolute winner.

And in a Cynthia-you-should-know-better-moment, I jinxed myself by telling a colleague that I was all excited because we had no doctor appointments this week. A whopping 15 minutes later we got a call so we’re off to see our beloved Vasireddy on Friday. Nothing good to be said, I’m sure, but it will be good to talk with him.