Trying to get some more work done but must admit to being discombobulated today. Ernie’s next appointment in St. Louis (apart from tomorrow’s scan) was scheduled to be on the 30th. However, Tuesday afternoon they called and asked if we could come in the next day and we said, “Uhhhhh, no, we just can’t.” So we had a Zoom call scheduled with the doctor for 3:30. He called around 2:00 though, no Zoom, just phone.

They got the results of Ernie’s biopsy and although nobody was surprised that it was cancer, we were surprised that it turns out to be a NEW cancer. Yup, it’s bladder cancer and that has to be treated completely differently than the prostate cancer. AND this knocks him out of any potential clinical trials in the future. Nobody wants someone with two active cancers in their study.

The radiation he’s had over the years most likely increased his likelihood of getting this. As I find myself saying constantly of late, “I just didn’t see that coming.”

We’ll wait until we have a follow-up after tomorrow’s scan’s results to decide on the treatment. Most likely it will be a new chemo which he can do at Carle. The doctor is thinking two rounds then check the tumor with a scan, then possibly surgery.

I usually manage to find something funny to include in my posts…or at least something that amuses me but I don’t think I have it in me today. Well, Ernie did go down to the store and get some more Blue Bunny Salted Caramel ice cream, so there’s that.


8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Godfrey Daniel. I’m so sorry to hear this new diagnosis, though nowhere near as sorry as you, I know. You’ll get your feet under you and March on, I know, but hey, just take some time to breathe for now. Sending good thoughts for good outcomes.


  2. Hurrah for Hattie and for Ernie getting the Blue Bunny Ice Cream. So sorry to get your other news. Wishing, hoping, praying for the absolute best for you all.

  3. This news really sucks! Bad things do happen to good people. I will bring over a box of red white and blue pops and we can devour them all

  4. This just SUCKS…Cancer SUCKS. I’m so sorry to hear about this latest diagnosis. Hugs and prayers to you all…always❤️

  5. oh…gosh. Cancer sucks. What. a. suck.
    You guys are being brave…what else can you do. Keep on loving one another…
    Sending love to you guys.