1. It feels good to have a gray day with dramatic skies and some rumbling thunder. Not the best day for a road trip though.

I’m so glad that Leo is driving Ernie down to St. Louis today. I could have gone but it would have been another day off work and I’m uncertain about my walking. I’m grateful that Leo immediately offered to do it and got the day off work (and has an accommodating and kind boss).

2. I think we’ve wallowed enough over the new cancer diagnosis. Now some things make sense. The tumor was growing but his PSA wasn’t going up much. Vasireddy said it was unlike prostate cancer to have this kind of tumor…usually it goes straight to the bone.

3. OH GOOD GOD! Bob is pooping in the middle of the living room while ignoring my screeching. Something is not right. Sigh. We need to get him back to see Dr. Mary but damn it, I’ve got other bills to pay first. We shall see. I don’t think he’s doing well. Ernie is in utter denial. UTTER denial.

4. Ok, I cleaned up the cat poop (doesn’t look like normal healthy cat poop either. Sigh), back to cancer. So, it kinda makes sense now, this odd little tumor that felt like it could just march in amongst the prostate cancer and stake out its territory. Like it was color tv and we were just listening to the radio. No wonder it was such a mystery. I almost feel offended on prostate cancer’s behalf. Why should bladder cancer march in like some kind of big shot? Prostate cancer had settled this territory already, damn it.

5. The scan Ernie’s getting today should help us see exactly where the prostate cancer is. I need to do some research on bladder cancer…I don’t even know what markers are used.

6. Oh, and on a different note, remember that floor lamp that got knocked over and broken? When Owen and Trinity stopped by last week he had fixed in about two minutes. So, we have a new lamp and O and T have a new floor lamp too.

7. Me? I’m doing ok. I’m not using the walker around the house but will use it going out. Coming downstairs is harder than going upstairs but I’m doing it. The muscle pain and hysterectomy pain that was so bad after the falls has finally receded. My knees and shins are still bruised but are coming along.

8. I just heard from Leo. Ernie’s gotten the radiation IV going and is waiting for his scan. I’ll relax once they are done and back home and once I hear that O and T made it back safely from their trip to Detroit to see Mitski (UPDATE: they did!!).

9. One last tidbit. We go down to St. Louis to meet with the oncologist on the 30th. Then Ernie has an MRI of his liver and abdomen scheduled for SUNDAY EVENING. An MRI at 5:30 pm on a SUNDAY? I don’t know….it just seemed crazy to me but I guess not. Ernie called and tried to get it changed but it would mean delaying it for a week and we don’t want to do that.

10. Ok, Sunday Evening isn’t Sunday Morning but this comes to mind anyway, and as one of the comments on this video brilliantly says, “Doesn’t matter who you are. This song cuts to the bone.”


2 thoughts on “Random notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Home alone on a gray day. Not everyone can understood how good that can be. Sorry that Bob removed some of the tinsel from your day.

  2. Bob–leaving a telegraph message that he’s mad Ernie’s gone. Sorry that he also doesn’t seem well.

    My heart aches for you guys right now, just saying. Wish that could translate to some sort of good thing happening for y’all though.

    I had to look up the performer that O & T went to go see. Interesting. They are building & feathering their own little nest, aren’t they? 🙂

    a scan on a Sunday…I guess hospitals go 23/7.Wish that it could all happen sooner though, for Ernie! It’s frustratingly slow when you want things to get rolling…

    see you sometime soonish! (spring clean-up, dontcha know) xo