Hattie is indeed a badass and I just adore her, the crusty old cat. She seems to have recovered from her last round of age and health-related indignities and decided she felt good enough to jump up on my chair, then onto the top of the jukebox on her way to the mantel. She quickly darted across a lamp and an old train no doubt with the intent to destroy my flowers. Ernie seemed more concerned with yelling at her and getting her down but I just watched in admiration.

She’s kinda scruffy and mangy and so skinny that she looks to me like one of the boys’ Lego AT-AT Walkers.

Ernie used to say she had short legs. She didn’t…she just had a lot of fur. Now, not so much.

She seems to just keep going though. That girl is Polly Voelkl tough.

My girl. Go, Hattie!

One thought on “Somebody seems to have Spring fever

  1. At least you have Hattie to keep you amused!!!! I’m so sorry about Ernie’s second diagnosis. I was just talking to a staff member I really like who said “Some times there are just no words.” Boy, is she right!!! (You know she’s way cool – her name is CYNTHIA!!!!!!) I love you and Ernie very much. My most fervent prayers are with you both!!!!