We were heartbroken when we found out Ernie couldn’t go home yesterday. Somebody from oncology came in and told him he’d have to stay and he pretty much lost it. Eventually he wore her down and she said he could go home if he got blood/platelets/magnesium and a shot for his white blood count. FINALLY. And he agreed to isolate.

However, later they got some tests back and he has C. Diff and he also started running a slight fever. He’s now in isolation. Not going home.

I stayed as long as I could and even got him to eat some rice (VICTORY!).

I have no idea what the week holds. One of the guys asked me if I thought he’d be home today and I had to say that I had no fucking idea. We want him home so damn bad. So bad.

I’m missing my mother so much of late. Not that I really want her here because she would hate to see us going through hard times, but just the same she’s been on my mind. When I talk to my sister Debbie though, I get a hint of my mom when she calls me honey or sweetheart. Those were the two endearments I remember my mother using the most. She got through plenty of hard times herself, though, so I will manage.

A group of friends came over while I was at the hospital and cleaned our house yesterday. What an incredible gift. And we will just ignore the fact that it took four of them 5+ hours to do it. Yeah. We really needed that. It helps SO, SO much.

And, more importantly, it’s Tal Day! Leo picked up his friend from England at O’Hare last night and she will be here for the week.

Please think good thoughts. For all of us, and for all of you who need them as well.


2 thoughts on “The week starts again plus it’s Tal Day!

  1. I had C-Diff a few years back. YUCK. That sure sucked! I got it while working in a hospital…wouldn’t Ernie do better at home? Oh hell what do I know! Positive thoughts, prayers and hugs coming your way 👍❤️