A long day yesterday. Not all bad. Not all good. As are most days I suppose. Worked like crazy in the morning and got a lot done as I had to take off early.

We were not looking forward to our appt at the cancer center, as much as we adore Vasireddy. There’s just not much positive to say these days. It was good to hear his take on things though. I don’t think there’s been quite as much communication between him and Barnes as I would like. He didn’t even know Ernie had an MRI for his liver tomorrow. Of course, even if the liver/abdomen MRI shows cancer….we won’t know which kind. So he’ll have to have another biopsy. At least we should be able to have that done at Carle. Small silver linings,

He starts his new chemo (cisplatin and gemcitabine) on the 11th most likely…all depending on insurance approvals, of course. It doesn’t sound like this chemo will be a walk in the park, particularly the cisplatin. Each round is three weeks, first week with both chemos, second with one of them, third with the other, then a week off. The plan right now is two rounds then re-scan to see what’s going on. Then possibly surgery at Barnes. Many, many ifs of course.

We came back home and just kind of sat. We stared at each other and talked to the cats. We watched the Top Chef from the night before. Then we took off for the Esquire a little early. We knew it would be crowded between it being a Friday night and the first night of the Boneyard Arts Festival. Ernie dropped me off and I trudged in with my walker. It was packed but the table in the back of the old part of the bar was open. Ernie showed up a few minutes after and we waited for the boys. It turned out Trinity hadn’t ended up going out of town so we got her too which was nice. Just seeing those faces made me feel so much better. We updated them on the latest with Ernie and then set to chatting and drinking and eating. They are all very good company. I could not love them more.

Eventually, my back was killing me (note to self…the bar stools with arms/backs are MUCH better for my back) so we all took off. I got to talk to Bill and Danelle and Jessica and even got a hug from Danelle which was delightful.

Then it was home, trying to get my back to stop hurting, and a bowl of ice cream. We’ve started watching Friday Night Lights because I’ve been told it’s great and you don’t have to like football, but let’s face it…there’s still a lot of football in it. It’s not that I mind watching it it as much as I don’t understand half the references. We shall see. Finally, I decided my back wanted me to be flat so up to bed I went. I was tired enough that I didn’t even talk to my lights much. I realized I was too scattered to read a book so ended up just poking around online and youtube. I watched a couple of the cheesy little year montages I’ve done in the past and man, they touched me. I found myself smiling throughout them. I started to do one for 2021 but then decided it would be too depressing without all the house concerts. I might try to do it a bit late though as it was really nice to watch these older ones. I honestly don’t expect anybody to watch these but am putting them here just the same. There’s more I want to say about valuing the everyday moments of life but I’m not up to articulating it well so it’s just tumbling around in my brain.

I’m off to do some research on bladder cancer, look up recipes for quail and probably watch some Australian MasterChef later. Earlier I told Ernie maybe I’d take him out for a drink but I’m not sure if that will happen. A quiet day of rest for us. Tomorrow I work and he and Bob head off to Barnes.


One thought on “Finally Friday

  1. Oooooh, sore back. Not good. We’re watching Friday Night Lights, Too. We’re new to it, so we are just now starting Season Two. I’m glad there’s a lot more to watch. I was gonna say it’s nice to watch a non-crime video that has the F-word occurring in every god/&*^%$# sentence, but there’s just been a murder in FNL Season 2. Hope it’s not a trend.