I have always, well, for YEARS, way back since I worked at the Chicago Architecture Foundation many moons ago, carried a black messenger type bag. I’m not a purse kind of girl and this has always worked for me. My laptop bag smoothly stepped in when it was time. In the last year or so, because of my spinal stenosis, I find it really hard to carry the bag for any distance (yes, you know, it…Ernie carries it for me half the time). Once I uhhh, ‘graduated’ to the walker however I couldn’t manage the bag at all as it completely threw my balance off.

I had a meeting the other day so Ernie asked Leo if I could use his old backpack. I happily toddled off to my meeting with it and it worked so well I could barely feel the weight of the laptop.

The shocking thing about this? We got this backpack for him in the 6TH GRADE and he used it up until about a year ago. I was guessing 8th grade because I knew he wouldn’t have agreed to having his name on it when he was in high school. I asked him however, and he said that he got it when he went into 6th grade. And he’s 22! We’re talking well over a decade and just look at this thing. There’s some wear on a bit of the trim but man, I salute you, LL Bean.

I keep taking pictures of my walker because I can’t believe it’s part of our household now.

A cold rainy night when you’re feeling a tad under the weather? Ernie’s vegetable soup. He did every single thing for this and it was wonderful. PerHAPS a little heavy on the red pepper flakes but it was so good and warming and comforting. He made the chicken stock (we do it really simply because then we actually DO it: chicken carcass, but leave SOME meat on, into the crockpot with water and a dash of salt (not too much as you’ll add more when you use it) and nothing else. Let it go overnight on low and you have great chicken broth. Once in a while we’ll toss in whatever vegetables we cooked with it, but mostly…just chicken. Anyway, to that lovely broth he added half a Savoy cabbage (one of the world’s most beautiful vegetables), sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, some leftover rice (that he also had made) and I’m not sure what else. We were going to add peas but we forgot. At the end he added more salt, some lemon juice and red pepper flakes. A perfect dinner for the last day of March.

Yesterday was my first solo outing with the walker and I was stupidly nervous. It’s not as though people are going to ignore my body if I fall somewhere but I still felt a tad unmoored. I did fine of course but I was damned tired that night. How tired? This is how dark it was when I went to bed.

Easter time means jelly beans in an 1870’s Loop and Dart open sugar on the mantel. I texted a picture to Owen to see if it would lure him over but it hasn’t worked yet.

Ok, more to get through today, so onward.

One thought on “LL Bean Forever and other random notes

  1. I had a snap-in tray on top of my Walker after hip surgery and it was the bees knees. All my stuff fit on it, you can carry things from room to room. Eat off it. A dandy remote holder and laptop tray. Look for one of those.