It’s a gloriously dreary rainy day. There have been a few rumbles of thunder and heavy rain and right now that feels perfect. It rained in the night too and when I looked out the window this morning the bright green of the grass startled me.

Well, we made it through the first two days of the week and I gotta say, they were long. Ernie’s dozing in the media room, pretending to watch some tv. The chemo is hitting him but it’s also the mental wear and tear of this journey.

I had my first physical therapy appointment and oh, Lord did I ache this morning. Not that anything was too strenuous…it just all adds up. The physical therapist was great. He said he thinks they can strengthen my legs which will help, but given that they don’t really know what made my legs give out both times, there are no promises there. We shall see. I’ve got some exercises to do and go back next week.

By the time I got home my back was killing me. I went straight to my corner and tried to relax and breathe. Ernie put a patch on my back (oh man, you should’ve seen me trying to do that when he was in the hospital. Every time I tried to get it in the right position to place it would flop and stick to itself. It could have been a comedy of errors except it went on way too long to be amusing) and that eventually helped a bit.

Despite the long day we actually managed to cook a meal. It’s not pretty but it was damn good. V’ron had brought us some incredible kielbasa from Wisconsin. We did a sheet pan meal of Savoy cabbage, partially cooked potatoes (too lazy to boil, we microwaved them) and slices of kielbasa. It took about half an hour at 450 degrees and some of the cabbage leaves were a bit dark but were also nice and crispy like kale chips. We squeezed some lemon juice on top. If I’d had more energy I would have done a mustard vinaigrette. It was good, simple and comforting. Tonight a friend is bringing dinner over and I am so grateful. All I have to do today is work. No meetings, no doctor appointments, just me, my sleepy baby and my laptop.

Got to see Owen for a second as we passed by each other in front of Dr. Howard. So happy to see the bug up and running. Well, and that face.

So grateful for the surprise gift of this cd! ❤️

Sometimes I worry that when I write about the kind things folks do for us that it sounds as though I’m asking for more of the same, or mmm, I don’t know…bragging. Please know that the reason so many folks are good to us is that I put all our stuff out there. Everyone is going through a challenge, or more likely, numerous challenges. I just happen to, well, blab about it on the internet. I also hope that everyone knows how incredibly grateful we are for the kindnesses given to us and they are never taken for granted. Never.


One thought on “Moving along

  1. Sounds like the first decent day you’ve had for awhile. Hope the PT helps and glad that Ernie is there to put your patch on.