I’m somewhat shocked to find that it is Friday. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster this week. Was it only Monday when he started the new chemo? Amazing. It seems like weeks ago. So far he’s doing pretty well. He was super sleepy for a day or two and is DEFINITELY feeling the fatigue but so far so good. He’s just had a tiny bit of nausea and took medication for it right away.

I must admit I was looking forward to today…no meetings, no appointments, just work and then the weekend. Lo and behold, however, Ernie just got a call and now has a CT scan with contrast this afternoon and we have to go and get the barium for him to drink head of time. It’s good to get these things done as quickly as possible but….geez. I just wanted one peaceful day.

In other interesting news, yesterday, when Leo came home from work he was chatting to us and noticed some blood on Ernie’s jeans. We looked around and soon realized it was from Bob. Sure enough, he was headed over to the box where he deposited some bloody poop. It was 5:40 and the vet, who is across town, closes at 6:00. I quickly called them and they kindly said to bring it in even if it was a teensy bit late. Ernie victoriously texted me at 6:01 to say he’d made it. We won’t know anything until next week. We are, of course, very worried. We can’t do without Bob. I mean, he’s BOB. Just look at him!

We also had some truly incredible kindness this week from beloved friends. I know I say it a lot, but we are so blessed with our family of friends.


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