Round one of the new chemo. I’m allowed to be with him as it’s the first day of the treatment. I hate to think of not being here on the other days. It’s a long day. We still have a few hours left. Ernie’s dozing. We’ve been upgraded to one of the little rooms, instead of the open infusions suite. We’re right next to the nurses’ station though so it’s still kind of loud. That’s probably just as well. It keeps me awake and puttering away at work. If that bed he’s in were bigger, or I were smaller…

We got here around 8 am and he got his blood drawn from his port. Kinda quiet here early in the morning.

We had a good hour and a half to kill so we went down to the Starbucks in the lobby. I still find it just plain puzzling that I have to buy bottled iced tea there. However, I will forgive them all because they stock cheese cube and pepperoni cups. I hadn’t eaten breakfast so Ernie was perusing the offerings. He’s brilliant as always. Should I eat pepperoni? No. Did I eat pepperoni? HELL, yes.

For a while he happily crossworded and I did some work. We asked about the time on some of the infusions and then Ernie looked at me and said, “We’re ordering out tonight, aren’t we?” Good God yes. Hopefully, he’ll feel good enough. He got a dose of a steroid and Cinvanti which is supposed to help with nausea/vomiting. Leo said he’d stop and pick up the prescriptions Ernie needs. One of them is usually used for schizophrenia but is also given with chemo. Life is certainly interesting if nothing else.

He’s dozing now. I think we’ve got another hour or two. My beautiful boy.


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