I posted something whiny on Facebook this morning and I think I made a few folks concerned so I deleted it. Thank you though folks, for the concern. Honestly, when I woke up this morning all I could think was, “I don’t want today. I just don’t want it.” I’ve got a really busy week between chemo and my work and liver biopsy and work and physical therapy and work and we have to get Bob into the vet and, well, it just felt like a lot. I have rallied though. It will all happen one way or another. We will muddle through as I used to tell my mother when she’d get anxious over life.

Ernie looks so cute with Leo’s backpack slung over his shoulder
First work session of the day at the South Clinic Starbucks, after his blood draw, before his appointment with Vasireddy. Bottled iced tea. Sigh. If you’re wondering about the pictures on my laptop, see here. Should be a very fun night and I would welcome company.
I always feel a bit wistful when I look out the Starbucks window and see St. Patrick’s where I went with my father so many times.

Ernie’s getting his chemo as I write this. His kidney numbers were a bit low which explains some of his extreme fatigue. Therefore, they are pushing tons of fluids into him and I realize I need to be better about getting more water into him. He’s been trying, but it’s easier said than done at times. On the upside, I’m with him in the main infusion suite…first time since the pandemic hit! It feels strange and completely familiar at the same time.

Here, just so you feel like you’re here with us:

Work station #2 of the day

Yesterday was a day of taxes and tax stress, a bleeding cat and a slow roasted whole chicken with a mixture of sumac, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes with sweet potatoes and spinach. It was good but I’ll probably go back to my high heat roasted chicken. Ernie couldn’t eat much but overall his appetite is ok. Today’s chemo is a little easier than last week’s combo. Crossed fingers he tolerates it ok.

The picture at the top (which is oddly blurry, but perhaps appropriate for the day) is the view of Carle from the Cancer Center infusion suite. There’s a huge bank of windows which is so nice but I usually end up sitting across from Ernie, so with my back to them. It’s just gray skies out there today.

Hopefully he’ll get through his fluids before too long.


Oh, and I still love Dr. Vasireddy.

One thought on “Happy Monday! Start the week with chemo!

  1. You’re entitled. It’s OK to whine. Life is not a bed of roses. Sometimes it’s whine and roses. You also meet up with thorns and occasional pricks.