We are both pretty damn tired today. We got home around 6 pm yesterday and were utterly exhausted. I was so grateful that Leo had run to the pharmacy for us. We collapsed, and watched a little Australian Masterchef to ease us into the evening. Then we watched Friday Night Lights, which yes, I have gotten hooked on despite all the football, and ordered pizza. Later, we both slept really, really hard.

Today? Up and back at the South Clinic this morning for a visit with the urologist that did Ernie’s stent as well as his middle-of-the-night stuff last week. He said that he’d been surprised when he went in, that although there were a ton of clots, his bladder didn’t look bad. As he said, it “didn’t look disgusting.” That kind of amused me and made me wonder about what a disgusting bladder looks like and how many disgusting things one sees as a urologist. He said he thought he’d see a good-sized tumor but it was a small lesion. They biopsied it and the pathology came back as merely “atypical.”

Weird. I thought it would come back screaming “BLADDER CANCER” at the top of its lungs. The doctor was surprised as well. They’re going to do another check on his bladder in three months, I suppose another cystoscopy.

The adventure continues.

My lights have engaged in an act of either solidarity or distress. Possibly both. When I went to bed the other night, one portion of the lights was glowing brighter than the others. In the morning….they were out. Another section had already gone out. I appreciate their support but I really need them up and lit. Does Prairie Gardens carry brown corded string lights during the year? I’ll have to check.

Physical therapy this afternoon.

Still haven’t managed to get a stool sample from Bob at the right time and it looks like Hattie has burst her damn anal gland again. It was oozing a bit and I tried to get out what I could but it’s broken so many times that it bursts at the drop of a hat now. She’s getting mangier and scruffier than ever. Hell, I don’t know what to do about these cats. I love them so. Ernie’s dozing on the couch right now, newspaper in his lap, Bob sleeping at his side.