1. How many Wikipedia pages about men have ‘personal life’ sections, compared to pages about women?

2. When asked to rate their pain from 1-10, is there a difference in how men and women answer?

3. Why is it I used to kinda like Alton Brown and now I’m creeped out by him?

Time seems to be crawling by and speeding by at the same time. And of course we continue our exciting life in healthcare. This week is the wait for the MRI results. Next week Ernie starts chemo, I start physical therapy (yay!) and he sees the surgeon who put the kidney stent in. They are supposed to replace it at some point. Everything just gets more and more complicated.

I remember when the boys were little and it was VERY close to Christmas they would start going to bed early because they wanted to hurry up and get to Christmas. I sort of feel the same way but I don’t want to hurry anything which makes it confusing.

Ok. Happy things. Last week a friend of my sister Judi’s came by with a lovely gift. She of course is now our friend but she will always be entwined with Judi for me. We’ve known her for a long time, if I’m not mistaken she came to one of our Thanksgivings at our Chicago apartment. She brought some zucchini/egg??? bars that were so good that I asked for the recipe. Never tasted as good as hers though. Anyway, Beverly, it was so lovely to see you. Thank you for the friendship, with Judi, and with us. ❤️

And on the topic of old friends, I caught up with our beloved Jim and Diana on Sunday afternoon when Ernie was on his way to Barnes. Isn’t it funny the way you can’t predict who is going to stay with you throughout your life? When I bought a salt dish from my crush, Jim Eyre, when I was twelve, did I ever imagine the dear friends they would become, and that I would be talking to them all these years later? Here is Jim with a baby Leo at the Fox Valley show. Man, that picture brings me right back to that show. I swear I can hear Diana’s laugh. They are dealing with their own challenges so we keep each other in our hearts. It certainly did my heart good to hear their voices. And just as Beverly brought me a bit of Judi with her, when I talk to Jim and Diana I always think how delighted my mother would be that we are still in touch. I can just see my parents walking through the show, my mother in a red jacket no doubt.

When life became too complicated I stopped going to shows (I always liked the buying the best anyway). As the boys got older they would alternate going to the shows with Ernie. Ernie and the appointed boy would go up a day early to help set up the booths for the Fox Valley show. We were chatting with the boys the other day and it turns out the thing they remember the most about those shows…is JOHN LARSEN! Both of them! We laughed as it made perfect sense…he was so lovely to them. I swear I found a picture of one of the guys with Ginny and John at a show and now I can’t find it, damn it.

Please note that Ernie suggested Owen put his name and our business name on his nametag. He, instead, went with this.

Eh, I’m rambling at this point. Today feels like Monday so I don’t know what the hell yesterday was. Regardless, onward.

2 thoughts on “Three things I wonder about and other random notes

  1. I can tell you exactly how many nickels are in my pocket (3), but I have no idea what 1 or 10 means to anyone else, pain-wise. Do women know that any differently than men?