I talked to Ernie a little while ago and he was drinking coffee and eating his SECOND piece of toast! Woo-hoooo! We started getting some Ensure into him yesterday as well. Nobody seemed concerned that he wasn’t eating but his nurse yesterday was great (well, actually they all have been, as well as the techs-except for one surly one but Ernie said he got her to laugh eventually) and suggested it.

Most importantly, the hospitalist told him that if he is fever free for 24 hours he should be able to come home. So not today, but HOPEFULLY tomorrow. He’s been there eight days now. He definitely sounded better today. I don’t know what his white blood count is but I think they were drawing some blood so we shall see.

I’m staying home today. My back is really protesting how much I’ve been walking and frankly I need a bit of time to mmm….I don’t know…decompress or something. I’m trying to get back to doing some work again too. I feel a bit guilty but I know that last time I stayed home a day I felt much better the next day so I’m giving it a try as the sprint is just beginning.

Thanks again for all the messages of support.

Oh, and Tal is delightful!!! Just look at the two of them! ❤️


Oh, and I know I owe some folks responses to messages and emails. I’ll get there, I promise!

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