Wednesday already. I find the pace of time confusing of late. I look out and marvel at my daffodils, wondering why they are blooming already. But there they are and here we are.

So…the MRI showed that there is cancer in Ernie’s liver. I can’t say I was surprised, but you always hold out a tiny bit of hope, so we are of course disappointed. Haven’t seen the results themselves yet but we spoke to the doctor from Barnes. The doctor said that from looking at the PSMA scan in conjunction with the MRI that he thinks it could be prostate cancer rather than bladder cancer. Prostate cancer is less aggressive so we are now Team Prostate Cancer. It’s a hell of a tiny silver lining though. A hell of a tiny silver lining.

He will move ahead with the bladder cancer chemo on Monday however as it’s the big dog at the moment. Two rounds and then another scan is the current plan.

So. There you have it.

I feel as though my ulcer is back but a steady diet of stress, more stress, some wine, more ibuprofen than I should take, and not eating well sure doesn’t help.

Hmmm. In other news, it looks as though I don’t owe anything for the Barnes ER visit. I can’t say I particularly understand it as it doesn’t show my insurance covered it either, it looks like it was covered by Barnes and the total was less than $1,000. Was it because I fell in their lobby? I don’t understand but I’ll take it.

I continue to worry about Bob. And Hattie. And everything.


5 thoughts on “Yeah, well.

  1. If it’s any help at all, recognize that there are lots of people out here pulling for all of you. May all Ernie’s troubles work out in the best possible way, and sooner than not. Good thoughts coming your way!

  2. Oh Cynthia, I’m so sorry. Seriously interesting what silver linings we hold on to at times like this. Thinking of you both and sending you love!