Friday morning I woke up and texted Ernie immediately. He said they’d told him he’d probably be going home. Neither of us wanted to get our hopes up though, and we know these things take hours. And of course he still had to deal with the catheter issue. The day was long with waiting and worrying. Finally, late in the afternoon Owen brought him home in the bug. Leo and Tal had just returned home as well, so at long last, Ernie got to meet Tal.

He was incredibly weak, needing help to get out of the bug and up the steps. He was soaking with sweat by the time he got to a chair. Being in bed for eleven days will do that to a person. But…he was HOME.

Bob was so happy. As were the rest of us.

Trinity showed up next so everyone was here. The Tots and the Shakers. I was so happy, albeit utterly exhausted. Leo and Tal took off to run over to Ann’s to pick up brownies (❤️).

Leo and Tal in Ann and Bob’s beautiful house

I announced to the room that I was too tired to cook the chicken (we were having a pancake night, which involves spicy chicken). Owen looked startled and said he didn’t know how to do it. I told him all i did was cut the chicken thighs into a few pieces and coat them with a mixture of flour, cayenne, salt and whatever else seems right. Next thing I know he’s got it all ready to go, cooked it all and cut up a honeydew melon to go with it. Trinity set the table, cleaned out the cats’ water fountain thingy, trimmed Bob’s fur where he’d gotten poop in it and as always, made herself invaluable. Tal helped Leo with the pancakes and we finally all sat down. Ernie wasn’t up to sitting with us, but Bob stayed by his side, watching over him. See his little head sticking up in the back, on the couch? He wasn’t taking any chances on Ernie going anywhere.

damn it….if I’d just leaned back I would have gotten the rest of Trinity in there….sigh. Still beautiful though. Just look at them.

After dinner, complete with brownies (Ann even sent ice cream to go with them, man I love my friends) they headed out so Tal could get a ride in the bug. It’s perfect because her hair kinda matches its paint.

After everyone else trundled off to their own entertainment, Ernie and I went into the media room and collapsed. Hattie curled up next to me and Bob of course attended to Ernie. Once we were all settled I commented that we were the Couch of the Aged.

Ernie thought about sleeping downstairs but decided he really needed to be in his own bed so he made it up the stairs, although it wasn’t easy for him.

He’s slowly getting back some strength. He’s eating again and getting surer on his feet. He just made his famous muffins for Leo and Tal (sadly, it’s her last day here).

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time reading over the pages and pages of doctors’ notes they finally released in MyCarle. Today we have to battle the pharmacy over the prescriptions we still need. Tomorrow we need to make a bunch of doctor’s appointments. Always something.


Onward, with thanks for the love and support. Talk about a great family of friends. We are very fortunate. You all have made Ernie feel loved and I could not possibly thank you enough for that.

I know there is much ahead of us, but right now…my baby is home.

3 thoughts on “The world rights itself a little bit

  1. Tal’s hair matches the bug, for sure. So glad that Bob didn’t get into a catsnit over Ernie’s 11-day-long “vacation” and gave him a proper welcome home. Bob thanks Trinity for the discrete snip-snip. Made fore more pleasant cuddling, no doubt. For Ernie to scale the stairs after 11 days in bed is just heroic! Congratulations to Owen on Cooking Chikin Right the First TIme! He gets a special Betty Crocker Blue Ribbon for Novices. It’ll come in the mail.

  2. Bob’s little face when he’s on the couch with Ernie! omg–LOVE!
    So glad that Ernie’s home! ♥ ♥