1. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how much I did not want to cook dinner last night. But ordering didn’t sound good either and I know if I wait too long then Ernie won’t eat so I forced myself to make something simple. Gluten-free gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and peas with some parmesan. Oddly, Ernie liked it more than I did. We’ve had some great gluten-free gnocchi before but I really didn’t like the fancy organic one I’d gotten. Tasted gummy and well, tasteless. The cherry tomatoes tasted great though, as did the pea and cheese and well, I did it, damn it. And he ate most of it so I’m calling it a victory despite the gumminess.

2. And the Salt and Straw ice cream tasting continues. Yesterday I tried the Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise and good GOD in heaven, it may have even topped the caramel ribbons… I didn’t get much of the anise flavor but who cares because it was AMAZING. It may be at the top of my list so far. Later I had a little of the Coffee Cashew Praline and although it was very good, probably my least favorite so far. This evening I get to try my last new flavor. We’ll see how it ranks!

3. Lastly, and most importantly, Leo put up my new lights. My lovely friend Kirstin ordered me new lights when she saw how much I was mourning my old lights slowly dying off. I got them a bit ago but life is discombobulated so today was the day I finally said, “Leo, I NEED my lights.” Pictures to follow once it’s dark. I’m so excited.