It’s Thursday. Wow. The weeks are flying by even as they crawl.

Monday was chemo day but Ernie’s potassium was way too low so instead of chemo we spent a couple of hours getting potassium into him. We went back the next day for a blood transfusion. I was hoping that would perk him up a bit but eh, not so much. I was also hoping his nausea would be a bit better given that he hadn’t gotten the chemo this week but it’s been a rough week. Food just doesn’t taste good to him. Sometimes I nag him enough for him to eat a bit but half the time it comes back up. Trying to make sure he’s plenty hydrated too.

At least this week we had the energy to go down to the South Clinic’s Starbucks in between appointments. He had a Health Alliance phone call appointment and I looked at the news and pondered life.

We got Pod FOUR for his infusion! I LOVED Pod Four! Small pleasures. It was much quieter both visually and aurally.

Owen stopped by yesterday and looked at the two of us sitting in the media room and said, “Do you guys ever go out?” in a tone of concern. Well, to Carle we do–otherwise not so much right now. It reminded me of a time when Owen was little and we’d just seen my parents. He asked me, “Were they like this when you got them?” It took me awhile to figure it out but basically he was asking if they’d always been old. Nope, they didn’t come old. Neither did we.

I did go see my physical therapist yesterday and of course I did what I do best. I cried. The man is SO freaking kind. I told him if he wanted a new career he could be a therapist in addition to the physical therapy. He gave me tissue and got me a glass of water (with the good ice). He’s given me a referral for water therapy and told me to do it when I can, he understood there’s a lot going on in my life. Gave me some thoughts (oh, I totally unloaded about the surgery consult visit to him, poor man) and kind words. AND he agreed that the surgeon pausing to ask me in the middle of the session whether I’d gone to high school or college was just plain weird (honestly…my theory is that he just thinks overweight people are stupid but that’s another story). Anyway, he was wonderful and if you ever need physical therapy at the spinal clinic….Justin Jones is highly recommended for his professional skills of course, but also for his kindness.

Today I was supposed to go to a blood pressure check up appointment (my blood pressure is up—imagine that) but I changed it to next week because I could not face stepping foot in Carle one more day this week.

Three cheerful notes:

1. I realized one great thing about the walker is that you can slam it down on the pavement to emphasize your irritation. This is a pretty good silver lining. I haven’t gone to pick up the new one yet, I think I’m in denial. Reminds me of when a doctor wanted my dad to use a walker. Medical Supply delivered it and he promptly folded it up and stuck it behind the bathroom door never to be seen again. He had a perfectly good Irish shillelagh to use.

2. Susan has been helping us so much with getting seeds in, etc. We are indeed blessed with our friends.

3. Oh, hell. I must have a third. Well, ok, hows this? Folks have been crazy, crazy generous to our GoFundMe. Don’t worry, I’m still working on thank you emails but DAMN. Just amazing. All I could think about when we got home on Monday was how grateful I am that I’m not trying to work too. Without all your generosity I would still be scrambling and making nobody happy. I think I woke up today not quite as tired!

It was not a great year for my beautiful early blush pink peonies. They are always the most fleeting of our peonies but those brief 90 degree days just tore through them. My allium are always one of my very favorite spring sights though, with or without their neighbors.


2 thoughts on “Thursday, May 25, 2022

  1. You’re dealing with so much, so much. I loved Owen’s childhood question. Kudos to you for figuring out what he meant. It shows you have a novelist’s imagination. I am glad, too, the you got Pod Four. As for your compassionate PT man, we too had a visit yesterday from a compassionate man. This angel delivered new oxygen equipment from the hospice. Yes, I am in being cared for at home, but I just entered hospice. The “angel” acknowledged the difficult task my husband is facing as my caregiver. My husband broke down and cried. Everyone had been taking him for granted. “It’s OK, Man,” said the angel, “You’re doing a good thing here. You’ve got this.”

    1. Oh, Forsythia. I send my love to you AND your husband as well. I’m so sorry to hear that you are in hospice. Sending my love for peace and ease. You are in my heart.