I really didn’t feel like starting the week this morning but we don’t get a choice on things like that, do we? Ernie had to get a blood draw and I had a quick blood pressure appointment. We got it done but Ernie was a bit weak. He drops me off at the door with my walker but then has to walk back from where he parks and it’s been hard on him recently. I think I need to look into a handicap placard or whatever allows you to use handicapped parking.

When he got up to go get his bloodwork done he got dizzy. They got him some apple juice and had him sit a bit. We were going to stop and get my new walker (sigh) at Carle Medical Supply but I could tell he really wanted to get home. So he is now dozing on the couch with Bob. Nothing else scheduled for today and nothing tomorrow. We’ll see how his bloodwork comes back.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 31, 2022

  1. To get the handicapped placard, you tell your doctor you need one, they fill out their portion of the form. You take it to DMV and they give you one for 6 months that can be extended. I just got a knee replacement and have one.