Well, in another weird plot twist, the insurance request for Keytruda that was put in just so we would have a denial to submit to the company….was approved. It boggles my mind a bit. So, if they had initially requested these drugs separately, they probably would have been approved. And on one hand, it makes sense, they’re only looking at what’s in front of them but if they denied the duo of drugs because it wasn’t medically proven and ‘could be dangerous together’ then why would they approve them separately…it’s the same duo…I guess drug interactions are only considered when submitted together. Eh. So, now we don’t have to apply for financial assistance and compassionate use. I don’t even have the energy to shake my head anymore.

So, back in the saddle again starting Wednesday. It’s an early morning start but I still hope to be at the Rose Bowl the night before at what I keep incorrectly calling the Eric Ambel show (it’s not, it’s Sarah Borges but it will always be the Eric Ambel show to me even though I love her as well). We shall see.

I was sad to read that our beloved Kevin Gordon is dealing with cancer himself.

Fucking cancer.

I hate when it fucks with my friends. Please send good thoughts and love his way.


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